Crossover patch

---------------------------------B.A. CROSSOVER PATCH v5.4---------------------------------

This patch is a crossover between MMBN and MMSF.
During the battle you could replace MMBN with SF by pressing the BEAST OUT batton and you will play as MMSF.
The real dream of battle is now begin !!!

---------------------------------V5.4 changes---------------------------------
-NEVER use Z-Power on SF Megaman because he won't come back !!!
-You can see the screen of the begining of the game shows Capcom and...BA PATCH V5.4 !!!
-Wood Impact's Mugshot is in the patch!
-New movesets of Protoman.
-Fixed Protoman Omega's palette.
-Faster Colonel's attacks.
-New movesets for Rogue.
-Fixed Rogue ZZ's palette.
-WoodImpact's woodwave attack will uninstall you.
-Fixed WoodImpact's Wiskyhoney's attack.
-Change green sword's palette.
-Change Heat Beast out to Taurus Noise SF Megaman !!! (Sprites are made by brianuuu.)
-Change Charge Beast out to Corvus Noise SF Megaman !!! (Sprites are made by brianuuu.)
-New movesets for Clockman.
-Fixed Clockman Omega's palette.
-Added new boss Dread Joker !!!
-Dread Joker replaced Groundman.
-MasterCross's last attack will with charge.
-Changed Panel sprites to Dread Joker's Rocket sprites.
-Changed Rock sprites to Dread Joker's Block sprites.
-Fixed Dread Joker's Weakness.
-No Dash in Dread Joker's Mega Card.
-New Encounters at Graveyard !!!
-Edit SF Megaman sprites.
-All SF Megaman Noises have their own Emotion Window !!!
-New Emotion Window for Weak Megaman.
-New HP bar in SF Style.
-A New Title Screen shows "Megaman Battle Network Operate Star Force"!!! (Credit goes to Timaeus22222 for making this awesome inage !!!)
-Added Scythe sprites from SF3.
-Hakushaku is in the patch !!!
-Hakushaku didn't replace anyone. (Hakushaku's data in the the game, just unused.)
-Crossover music is back !!! (Code for the music is 27.)
-NPCs Rush, Beat and Tango is kicked from the game because they are cheap.
-SF Megaman will have 2000 HP base.
-Megaman EXE will have 2000 HP base too.
-SF Megaman won't have Superarmor now !!!
-Compressed SFMegaman NCP is now one block less.
-Fixed Custom Noises' Sword sprites million seconds to fit the time.
-Made SFMegaman NCP very large.
-Changed Corvus Noise's Charge shot to Wicked Flame.
-Fixed MadVulcan sprites.
-Gave MegaMan a new move - bodyguard instead of antisword.

---------------------------------V5.4 Card Hacks---------------------------------
-Change SS-Powr's name to SF-Powr.
-Protoman's Mega card has a cooler attack. (Credit goes to ablon08.)
-Added new card image for Dread Joker.
-Edited Dread Joker's Mega Cards' description.
-Added new card image for Protoman.
-Changed SoncWav's name to RogueSw.
-Added new codes for RogueSw.
-Changed CrakShot's name to RcktShot.
-Changed card image of RcktShot, DublShot and TrplShot.
-Changed card description of RcktShot, DublShot and TrplShot.
-DarkWave's attack won't hit all 3 rows.
-Fixed DarkWave's Lock-on attack.
-Mega and Giga cards have their own palette.
-Scythe replaced Airspin.
-New Scythe card image from SF3.
-Cards has their own color, Standard - Yellow, Mega - Blue, Giga - Red, Dark - Purple.
-Change MoonBld to TyphDnc.
-New card image for TyphDnc.
-New mini card icon for TyphDnc.
-Added new codes for TriSaber.
-G-Axe will make enemy invisable.

---------------------------------The Most Powerful Bosses---------------------------------
Rockman Omega - Class 6-1 Computer
Shooting Star Rockman Omega - ACDC HP
Rogue ZZ - Undernet Zero
Clockman Omega - Sky HP
WoodImpact Omega - Symbol Computer (The symbol in front of the flower shop at Green)
Protoman Omega - Dog House Computer (ACDC)
Colonel Omega - Mascot Computer (Expo Site)
Hackjack Omega - Underground2
Dread Joker RR - Observation Computer (Sky)
Falzar Sigma - Guide Panel Computer (The comp outside the last battle, not the Circusman one)
Gregar Sigma - (Where is it? Find by youself damn it !!! xD)

---------------------------------SM codes---------------------------------
(Please delete it after a battle.)
2000 HP for Megaman EXE and SF Megaman
8200480A 07D0
8200480C 07D0

Fix doublebeast to DblMgaMn
82001186 270E
82001188 1731
8200118A 262C
8200118C 3317
8200118E 00E6

Fix DblMgaMn's description
820007D6 101D
820007D8 0FA3
820007DA 0F22
820007DC 0000
820007DE E900
820007E0 2A39
820007E2 3226
820007E4 3A00
820007E6 E935
820007E8 3326
820007EA 0029
820007EC 3926
820007EE 2839
820007F0 E630

Fix G-Eye's name
8200119E 9811
820011A0 3E0F
820011A2 002A
820011A4 00E6

Fix G-Eye and W-Flme's description
8200083A 341A
8200083C 2A3C
8200083E 2B37
82000840 313A
82000842 11E9
82000844 2C2E
82000846 0026
82000848 2628
8200084A 2937
8200084C 2BE9
8200084E 3437
82000850 0032
82000852 101D
82000854 A204
82000856 00E6

Compress Code of SFMegaman NCP. (Useless,it's the same after compress now)

Panel Modifier (NEVER use this during online battle !!!)
The battle field:
00  01  02  03   04  05  06  07
10 [11][12][13]|[14][15][16] 17
20 [21][22][23]|[24][25][26] 27
30 [31][32][33]|[34][35][36] 37
40  41  42  43   44  45  46  47

X values:
00 = Empty Panel
01 = Broken Panel
02 = Normal Panel
03 = Cracked Panel
04 = Poison Panel
05 = Holy Panel
06 = Grass Panel
07 = Ice Panel
08 = Crater Panel
09 = Up Road
0A = Down Road
0B = Coming Road
0C = Going Road
0D = Highlighted Panel

32039C02 000X   <11
32039C22 000X   <12
32039C42 000X   <13
32039D02 000X   <14
32039D22 000X   <15
32039D42 000X   <16
32039E02 000X   <21
32039E22 000X   <22
32039E42 000X   <23
32039C62 010X   <24
32039C82 010X   <25
32039CA2 010X   <26
32039D62 010X   <31
32039D82 010X   <32
32039DA2 010X   <33
32039E62 010X   <34
32039E82 010X   <35
32039EA2 010X   <36

If there is any bugs, plz send PM to brianuuu or ahackerjack on youtube.

Thnx a lot and enjoy our patch !!!

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